Creatrix of the Earth-Body Approach for Holistic Fitness and Regenerative Health (Self) Care. Discover my personal journey of Earth-Body alchemy and my signature offerings below.

I have spent most of life witnessing the beauty and gifts of nature, enjoying an abundance of vitality with gratitude and pleasure. I have also spent much of life moving through my body as a dancer, mother, athlete, physical trainer, and healthcare professional. Nature, health, and movement are at the foundation of my authentic self.

However, there was a period of time when I lost my way.  I was led into the trap of doing “what is expected” and giving “110%”.  The mainstream narrative almost broke me.  Living someone else’s dream and performing in a perpetual state of action is unsustainable and exhausting.  But Mother Nature has a way leading us back to sustainability, if we listen.  My healing journey has given me the gift of re-membering.  Through reflection, connection, and integration I have created the Earth-Body Approach: a new paradigm for holistic fitness & regenerative health (self) care.

After 25 years of honing my innate gifts and curating a wealth of knowledge aligned with my life’s purpose, I am pleased to introduce the Earth-Body Approach for holistic fitness and regenerative health (self) care.   My signature offerings include Embodied Eco-Fitness Training, Earth-Body Community Group, and Earth-Body Alchemy workshops.

A whole new level of health becomes possible by integrating the five pillars of the Earth-Body Approach (physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual).  My offerings bring together these pillars of wellness to transform your Earth-Body in a holistic, balanced, and sustainable way.  It brings me complete and utter joy to share my wisdom, experience, and passion with the humans who inhabit our only planet Earth.

Embodied Eco-Fitness Training:

We all know that exercise is an integral part of our health, but there are many obstacles preventing us from building a sustainable fitness program. The biggest issue is that there is no real infrastructure for designing and applying holistic and balanced movement practices. For this reason, I have created a regenerative, cyclical approach to ensure that all of my clients are performing optimally for their own unique physiology aligned with nature’s cycles; the way we are intended to move and live.  Limited individual and group eco-fitness training, available upon request.

“Regenerative practices are necessary because we have become a species that is depleted and disconnected from ourselves, as well as from the earth and other living creatures. A balanced system is diverse, cyclical, and ultimately self-sustaining. My clients are blossoming into a greater version of themselves; moving with joy, ease, and vitality. You can too!” – Dr. Nic

Earth-Body Community Group:

I believe that the physical body is not separate from our thoughts, feelings, and spiritual self. It is for this reason that I encourage everyone to participate in Earth-Body Community Group. The EBC Group is a facilitated virtual gathering of 7-10 participants. As a Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator and Mentor (nushu.com), I am using the NUSHU Group modality to support my community.  Group provides a space for self-reflection, connection, and integration to guide each participant’s greater wellness (mental, emotional, social and spiritual). This modality is an hour long and consists of a check-in round, an embodiment practice, prompts for self-reflection, time for journaling, and an opportunity to share one’s heart-centered truth and personal insight.  By allowing ourselves to be witnessed and supported, we transmute the thoughts, belief, and patterns that no longer serve us. EBC Group is based on the premise that we are all whole and that the answers that we seek are found within ourselves. Connection to self, each other, and nature creates a trifecta for healing those who may have inadvertently disconnected from emotion, body, mind, spirit, or community. Please contact me for more information.

Earth-Body Alchemy Workshops:

This community offering is pivoting from a virtual format to a live, in-person experience.  I believe that it is vital for us to return to direct connection within our communities, in the setting of natural landscapes, which were always a safe place to gather.  However, with general public health guidelines and restrictions that remain in place (which are not aligned with my personal beliefs and values), my workshop schedule is a reflection of the circumstantial limitations.  You will be notified of my monthly schedule, as it becomes available, by signing up for my email newsletter.  All workshops require pre-registration and space is limited, at this time.

We will gather in community as an opportunity to align with nature and connect with each other.  You will learn about natural law, how correspondence in nature may inform an infrastructure for health, the science of nature as healer, our ability to channel and align with healing energy, foundations of energy medicine, and how you can apply a regenerative approach to your health (self) care.  In this space of coherent regulation with the resonance of community intention and in the spirit of nature’s wisdom, we may practice a new paradigm of health and wellness.  These community practices and offerings may include guided meditation, breathwork, poetry, music, journaling, or movement to encourage divine, creative, and abundant healing energies of life force to flow.

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