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I have spent most of life witnessing the beauty and gifts of nature, enjoying an abundance of vitality with gratitude and pleasure. I have also spent much of life moving through my body as a dancer, mother, athlete, physical trainer, and healthcare professional. Nature, movement, and connection are at the foundation of my authentic self.

However, there was a period of time when I lost my way.  I was led into the trap of doing “what is expected” and “giving 110%”.  The mainstream narrative almost broke me.  Living someone else’s dream and performing in a perpetual state of action is unsustainable and exhausting.  But Mother Nature has a way leading us back to sustainability, if we listen.  My healing journey has given me the gift of re-membering.  Through reflection, connection, and integration I have created The Earth-Body Way: a new paradigm for holistic health and fitness.

After 25 years of honing my innate gifts and curating a wealth of knowledge aligned with my life’s purpose, I am pleased to serve you on your intrinsic health journey.  The heart of my work, Earth-Body Movement Medicine, involves the restoration of organic movement patterns, postural re-alignment, and self-regulated exercise that follows a rhythm and honors our cyclical nature.  The modalities/technologies that I utilize are diverse and varied.  Your experience may include exercise prescription, fitness program design, breath work, somatic integration, attunement practices, energy medicine, myofascial release, and nervous system regulation.  My practice has evolved and developed over time to be uniquely mine with a robust toolbox to address our multi-dimensional being-ness.  It doesn’t exactly fit inside ‘the box’ of traditional physical therapy/personal training within our current conventional model of healthcare and fitness.  However, I am happy to support you and provide my services as an adjunct to these traditional offerings.  My clients have found that Earth-Body Movement Medicine has been “the portal” to a greater understanding and knowingness of a more holistic experience of intrinsic health.

Physical movement falls into a broad scope which is relevant to everyone.  It includes activities of daily living (ADLs), sports, hobbies, work, and performing arts.  We are all experiencing the same problem: we are becoming debilitated by a culture of comfort and convenience.  Many of us fit into a category of living a life of “on” or “off”  activity that lacks diversity and range.  Our movement has become disconnected and unnatural, an evolutionary mismatch for our (generally) sedentary lifestyles.  The solution is to remember that, as Earth-Bodies, we are intimately connected to our natural environment.  With this foundational understanding and appreciation, we then can re-create, re-align, and re-establish our ancestral behavior and activity with Earth-Body Movement Medicine.

As mentioned, movement is only one aspect of the greater picture of health and wellness.  Often, it is the portal into our discovery that we are living a multi-dimensional reality in connection with nature and her divinity.  For this reason, I have created monthly, ongoing group circles to support our Earth-Body Reclamation.  It is your greatest capacity for living an authentic life of ease, vitality, and abundance (the way nature intends).  This is your birthright!  Your body isn’t “getting old” and “genetically disadvantaged”.  Your body IS health and it is healing every single day, in spite of the many toxicants and societal barriers that we encounter.  Thus, my offerings are not limited to the physical body.  Holistic health includes a multi-dimensional approach because we are multi-dimensional beings.

A whole new level of health becomes possible with The Earth-Body Way.  This is the subject of my forthcoming book, “Bodies of the Earth: Bringing joy and balance back to your fitness program with the Earth-Body approach”.  My journey from fitness enthusiast, to fitness competitor, to fitness trainer, to physiotherapist has given me a substantial amount of experience in my physical body.  My self-healing journey and unwinding from the old narrative has brought me into a more comprehensive and holistic experience of being a truly healthy human.  Now, I bring you ALL that I have learned to facilitate your transformation into the unique and brilliant Earth-Body that you’re meant to be.  It brings me complete and utter joy to share my wisdom, experience, and artful passion with the humans who inhabit this beautiful Earth.  Enjoy life!

Earth-Body Movement Medicine:

We all know that exercise is an integral part of our health, but there are many obstacles preventing us from building a sustainable movement program. The biggest issue is that there is no real infrastructure for designing and applying holistic and balanced movement practices. For this reason, I have created a regenerative, cyclical, and balanced approach to ensure that all of my clients are performing optimally for their own unique physiology aligned with nature’s cycles; the way that we are intended to move and live.  Earth-Body Movement Medicine sessions have been incorporated into the 8-week coaching journey of Earth-Body Alchemy.  I will continue to deliver workshops on Earth-Body Movement Medicine and facilitate Earth-Body Cosmic Dance Portal events.

“Regenerative practices are necessary because we have become a species that is depleted and disconnected from ourselves, as well as from the earth and other living creatures. A balanced system is diverse, cyclical, and ultimately self-sustaining. My clients are blossoming into a greater version of themselves; moving with joy, ease, and vitality. You can too!” – Dr. Nic

Earth-Body Reclamation Circles:

The physical body is not separate from our thoughts, feelings, and soulful self. It is for this reason that I created ongoing group circles to support Earth-Body Reclamation (EBR).  EBR circles are trauma-informed, facilitated, small group gatherings with a maximum of 10 participants.  As a Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator (, I curate each circle to hold space for self-reflection, reconnection, and integration.  Through participation, we have an opportunity to release what may have become stuck in our subconscious or stagnant in our bodies.  Pain and movement dysfunction are commonly linked to limiting beliefs, trauma, and other emotional memories stored in the body (somatic memory entrapment).  Many of us may have inadvertently disconnected emotion from body, mind, and spirit. EBR circles provide an opportunity to realign the head, heart, and soul.  Being witnessed and held in a safe space of ceremony consciousness, participants often transmute the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve them. EBR circles offer connection to self, each other, and spirit for a healing trifecta.

Please contact me for more information.


Earth-Body Alchemy (A Guided Health Embodiment Journey):

We begin your embodiment journey with a foundational understanding of being aligned with nature and connected with an elevated field of vibrational resonance.  Together, we will co-create an Earth-Body somatic and intuitive experience that has the potential for deep healing and transformation.  This journey is intended to follow an eight week course (in which we meet virtually, once-a-week, for an hour) to allow sufficient time to titrate new ideas, integrate practices, and land in your evolved state of Being-ness.  Each session follows a theme according to the Eight Points: Flow, Fuel, Move, Play, Connect, Breathe, Be, and Rest.  You will receive a share sheet on the theme and you will be offered prompts to bring into our session each week.  We will open with an attunement practice to regulate our collective nervous system and to connect with your psychological, somatic, and emotional information.

Nature and knowingness provide the fabric and foundation of your health embodiment journey as we apply Dr. Zach Bush’s 8 Points of Intrinsic Health.  A regenerative approach to your health (self) care will emerge as your unique application of this lifestyle medicine.  (FYI, my training within the Coaches Journey of Intrinsic Health was the impetus that changed the trajectory of my own healing!)  We will culminate our time together with adequate integration, so that you have the capacity to trust your body and the information it provides.  The practice of living within this new paradigm of health and wellness is made available by joining an Earth-Body Reclamation circle (as described above).  These monthly community experiences provide continuity for a holistic, collaborative, and divinely-guided experience of commitment to your embodiment journey of Earth-Body Alchemy.

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