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I have spent my life moving through my body as a dancer, athlete, physical trainer, and healthcare professional. Nature, health, and movement are at the foundation of my authentic self.







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Success Stories

  • Dr. Nic has the ability to “read” not only one’s body but understand and communicate the cause and effect so the healing can be deep and thorough. I am personally so grateful for her brilliant gift of insight beyond physical healing.... She is great and I thank God for her!

    -Fran D.

  • While working with Dr. Nic, something in me got traction and I/we pulled myself into a new space. Now I know how my body works and how it feels. It’s not a stranger who might act unpredictably; it’s a familiar, constant, welcome companion. It’s been such a profound process. I am thankful, humbled, and in awe.

    - Elizabeth F.

  • Dr. Nic has an exhaustive knowledge of anatomy and employs her experience and intuition to take her therapy to another level.

    - Steve T.

  • Dr. Nic is a healer in the most profound sense and I’m grateful for her knowledge and wisdom.

    -Deb B.

  • I am 73. I was a skier, a veteran yogi, a client having had a knee replacement, and more recently a painful rotator cuff problem. Dr. Nic took on my challenges with gentle and intuitive hands. Her knowledge of physiology is only the basis of her keen observation of your whole body’s healing needs. I gratefully admire her skills!

    -Brenda S.

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