Cosmic Twister Circles…Let’s go!

Cosmic Twister Circles…Let’s go!

Cosmic Twister Circles…Let’s go!

You are the bridge between heaven and earth. Your vastness reaches beyond your physical body. Composed of stardust and elements of nature, you are a miracle!   The *new* spring cohort of Cosmic Twister Circles (for divine feminine multidimensional health integration) begins on the Piscean New Moon!  This series is a 7-session bundle of cosmic information, feminine connection, and our collective genius of Earth-Body wisdom.  We will meet on the evenings of 3/16, 3/25, 4/8, 4/23, 5/7, 5/23, and 6/6 from 7-8:30 pm EST via ZOOM “temple”.

In ceremony consciousness, we will celebrate the magic of astrology as it shapes our authentic self-expression in aligned community.  The relevant cosmic map-of-the-day creates a specific energy field.  As your facilitator, I share my thoughts and downloads on the energetic theme after an invocation prayer and meditation of attunement. The collective resonance allows me to craft a series of prompts for our contemplation.

You will then have the opportunity to share whatever is relevant for you to speak out loud, inspired by your thoughts, beliefs, and/or emotions. You choose what needs to be said by you and witnessed by others in a non-judgmental safe space, where no one is fixing or changing your experience. Authenticity is honored and reflections are held in confidence through the collective agreement of our community guidelines.

Attuned to the frequencies of nature and the cosmos, we witness our inner ecosystem and vast internal galaxy as a microcosm of our outer world. Appreciating this holo-fractal divine design, we are inspired to connect and share our personal biography in Gaia-Galactic coherence. We weave ourselves back into the fabric of humanity, remembering our original state of wholeness, returning us to our own divine health design.

Come join this epic eco-ascension collective journey of the divine feminine! Now gathering seasonally as a cohort on the evenings of the full and new moon from 7-8:30 pm ET, virtually on ZOOM, within The Human Array community!

Spring cohort will begin on March 10th for a total of seven circles (3/10, 3/25, 4/8, 4/23, 5/7, 5/23, and 6/6). Your investment is only $287!

Learn more and enroll!

Inspired by NUSHU, I am a certified trauma-informed NUSHU Group facilitator and mentor.  Informed by the new paradigm of intrinsic health and Zach Bush, MD, I am certified by the Journey of Intrinsic Health in the 8 Points of Intrinsic Health.  Guided by Mother Nature and my own innate wisdom, along with extensive knowledge that has culminated in a doctorate from New York University and a bachelors in science from Boston College.

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