Emotional Terrain: Heal Your Capacity to Feel

Emotional Terrain: Heal Your Capacity to Feel

Emotional Terrain: Heal Your Capacity to Feel

Are feeling stuck in the weeds?  Under the shadows of a dark forest?  Can’t escape the rain?  Lost in a dense fog?  Swept up in the tumbleweed?  Though there is nothing wrong with being in the landscape of any of these scenarios, when you are living in a persistent terrain of darkness, dampness, dryness, or cloudiness (for instance), it may indicate that your internal emotional thermostat is stuck.  Remaining stuck may then impact your physical health and it can ultimately lead to burnout (my personal story) or despair.

Humans are designed to feel a range of feelings and we have the capacity to express many emotions.  However, we may become stuck in one persistent set point (fight or flight or freeze) when our sympathetic nervous system has been activated.  We have the ability to return to this natural state of emotional balance and diversity, in the setting of a safe and supportive “place” to feel and move (the word e-motion speaks to the necessity of movement).   We may then integrate our emotions and complete an emotional stress cycle.  The Earth-Body Community (EBC) Group provides a safe container with an infrastructure designed to facilitate the movement of our thoughts and feelings.  In the safety of EBC Group, we are able to heal our capacity to feel.  When we express ourselves, received in love, we feel free.

The EBC Group is a container to express the full range of your thoughts and emotions.  I facilitate these small groups of 6-8 participants in the virtual space of ZOOM.  It is a place to speak what is in your heart and on your mind.  There is no judgement, no fixing, no lesson.  You show up in your truth to be witnessed (seen and heard) and you are held by the Group in safety, according to the Group guidelines (which we review at the start of each session).  We open the Group with an embodiment practice, followed by an opening statement and a series of prompts to provoke thoughts, invite feelings, or jog memories.  You will then be given a short time to journal and an opportunity to share with the Group what comes up for you (you may pass, if you wish, or come back around).  There may be a few rounds of prompts and sharing and then we will close the session with an off-ramp to return you to your evening.

We will begin on June 7th and meet twice per week (via ZOOM, so that you can join in from anywhere!)  Tuesdays and Fridays at 5-6 pm ET, for 3 weeks, and then we will wrap-up on Tuesday, June 28th at 5-6 pm ET for a total of 7 sessions.  The investment for this offering is $210.

This series, themed “Emotional Terrain”, was created especially for caregivers, mothers, healthcare workers, students, empaths, advocates, and anyone else who is ready to break free from the overwhelm, loneliness, confusion, frustration, and challenges of these times.  This Group is not a ‘support group’ (though we will support you as a group).  I am not a therapist.  I am not a counselor.  I am not a social worker.  I am a human who has been stuck, having tried my darndest to suppress all of the uncomfortable feelings.  Ultimately, it was detrimental to my health.

Then I discovered the NUSHU Group modality (http://www.nushu.com)  Through participation in Group, I resolved my resistance to feeling, sharing, and showing up as my authentic self.  I began to heal.  I became a Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator and a NUSHU Mentor, to be able to hold space for others like me.

I now offer this modality to my Earth-Body Community as a Group series to support the pillars of emotional and mental health in their wellness journey.  It is one way that I show up to serve my community in support of integrative wellness.  My primary service offering is in physical fitness training.  And once a month, I offer a New Moon Healing Circle as a ceremonial space for spiritual energetics.  We often think of health from the standpoint of the physical realm, but without mental, emotional, and spiritual health, we cannot feel whole and well in our physical body.  Without community, we have no fabric to support our self-development.

This is your chance to include this Earth-Body Community Group experience as part of your Regenerative Health (Self) Care.  Sign up now. Space is very limited! https://drnicchoren.com/contact/

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