Ode to ION: Reclaim your health in a toxic world

Ode to ION: Reclaim your health in a toxic world

Ode to ION: Reclaim your health in a toxic world

As a clinical healthcare practitioner, I would like to attest to the undeniable value of ION Support products as foundational and necessary to the personal health of everyone.  I know, it is a grand statement, but allow me to explain. 

We live on a planet that has been degraded and disturbed by conventional agricultural practices, as well as a number of other rather unsustainable industries.  As a result, we have inadvertently allowed our food, air, and water to become burdened by critical levels of pollutants and toxicants to the point that we now cannot escape them, even with the best practices by the most informed humans.  Toxicity is pervasive and resulting in a massive health crisis, which is evidenced by a surge in chronic disease, mystery symptoms, and commonly diagnosed syndromes.

I, personally, had to come though my own major healing journey related to a collection of symptoms that were mysterious and confusing to my doctors and to myself.  I was given a handful of different autoimmune diagnoses and prescribed many different pharmaceuticals.  None of them worked and I was left with no answers to my inquiry, “But WHY?!”  As I moved out of the conventional medical model and mindset into a holistic approach that honors and supports nature’s wisdom, I found answers.  I ultimately was guided (with the help of the Coaches Journey of Intrinsic Health) to get out of the way of healing and to rebuild my durable biological connections by plugging back into nature, the source of all life.

That is what ION products are designed to do and that is what they achieve.  A root-cause solution to the many mysterious and seemingly unrelated ills that humanity is experiencing.  There exists a multitude of life within us (primarily in our gut and on our skin) which has been accosted by the prevalence of hidden toxins in our normalized life.  For the past fifty years in particular, our environment, products, and practices have undermined our ability to be well. 

As humanity continues to wake up to this reality, we are creating a path for a cleaner future.  But in the meantime, we need to heal.  ION products are the one and only product on the market to foundationally restore the integrity of our body’s internal boundary systems, thereby enabling the gut and immune systems to function again.  As long as we are subject to poisons like glyphosate in our environment, we need ION as a powerful antidote.

Health is simply the body’s ability to return to balance, to regulate normal function as nature intended.  With ION Gut and ION Skin as the foundation of my daily health self care, I am back to feeling like myself again.  I am also confident that I have ION as my ‘secret weapon’ to protect the health integrity of my family, friends, pets, patients, and clients.

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